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It employed people at full capacity, some of them children who were eight and nine years of age. Workers from Yorkshire who came to work in the mill lived in Tea Lane so called because of the amount of discarded tea leaves on the street and English Row. The closure of the mills in caused the population of Celbridge to plunge from a 19th-century peak of 1, in 1, in to in and a low of in [26] [27].

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Under the Irish Government regeneration scheme of the s, the Leinster Hand Weaving Company acquired the premises for conversion into a weaving mill. It was a major employer until its closure in May with the loss of jobs. This ended two centuries of intermittent wool production in the village. The mill now serves as a community centre. Its warehouses which bear a wallmount dating the Mill to , and a stone commemorating the site of St Mochua's well.

Mills at Coneyburrow Newbridge, near St. After Richard Guinness married Elizabeth Read — , of a brewing family from Bishopscourt and an aunt of Arthur Guinness , he took over the town brewery in and moved it from the site of the Village Inn to where the entrance forecourt of the Holy Faith convent is today [33] There he placed his land steward Richard Guinness in charge of production of "a brew of a very palatable nature". Celbridge workhouse was constructed between and and is the smallest of three workhouses in County Kildare.

According to Tony Doohan's "History of Celbridge" during the worst of this disaster, a human being died every hour. Another historian Seamus Cummins suggests that the effects of the famine in the Celbridge Poor Law District area were less traumatic than elsewhere such as south Kildare because of the availability of wage economy employment in the district. After the s the workhouse was used as a fever hospital, regarded as progressive for its time, as a home for the elderly and infirm, and for unmarried mothers.

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Orphans and illegitimate children were fostered out into the village community from the workhouse and also from the Holy Faith convents in Dublin. In the workhouse was used as a base by the Free State army , was visited by General Michael Collins and there are claims that the barracks was the first in which the uniform of the new Free State army was worn.

After the workhouse was closed and the barracks vacated. By the Union Paint factory had been established on the site and in there were plans for a rope factory by Henry's from Cork Street in Dublin. In the current Garda barracks was built on part of the workhouse site. The cut stone former Methodist Hall on Ardclough Road fell into disrepair during the s but was acquired and renovated by Cunninghams Funeral Directors [36] in the mids.

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John Wynn Baker c. One of Celbridge's most original industries was the Callender Paper Company established in Celbridge in to make paper from peat. Despite the report in the Irish Times of 25 June that facilities of the company were "totally inadequate to cope with demand" and that "Celbridge peat paper is finding its way into almost every village and hamlet in Ireland" the enterprise had already run into financial trouble by November Six main residential and commercial areas were developed in Celbridge over a period of years: Main Street — , Tea or Tay Lane , Maynooth Road , when construction of Jasmine Lodge replaced six cabins on Main Street and eight cabins on Maynooth Road , [38] English Row — , Ballyoulster — , and St Patrick's Park two phases — and — The historical population of the town in the 19th and 20th century period closely mirrored periods of activity and cyclical closure of the town's woollen mills , once the largest in the country.

Celbridge was rezoned for rapid growth under the Kildare Development Plan. That year a consortium of Brian and Tony Rhattigan and the McMullan brothers, who owned the Maxol petroleum group, purchased most of the former Castletown Estate for development purposes. Planning permission was granted on appeal for a suburban housing estate along the edge of the avenue leading into Castletown House. In response Desmond Guinness personally bought the house in to save the immediate hinterland from development and established the Irish Georgian Society in the building.

Permission was granted for the first development of houses within the gates of Castletown in and the first phase of Castletown Estate was opened by Minister for Industry and Commerce Justin Keating on 1 October This was followed by more than 30 housing developments over the next thirty years.

The population, which had been 1, in , rose to 1, in , 3, in , 4, in , 7, in , 9, in , 12, in , 14, in and 17, in Castletown House is situated at the end of an avenue extending from the main street. It is Ireland's original and largest Palladian country house. Building commenced in by William "Speaker" Conolly — , Speaker of the Irish House of Commons , who came under the influence of the Neo-Palladians , whose adherents included Alessandro Galilei , believed to have designed the main house, and Edward Lovett Pearce , thought to have designed the entrance hall and the long gallery in its original form, as well as the colonnades and wings.

Pearce did commissions for William Conolly before his speculated involvement with Castletown. The house was inherited by Tom Conolly — in and the interior decoration was finished by his wife Louisa Lennox greatgranddaughter of Charles II of England and Louise de Keroualle during the s and s. Conolly's Folly also known as "The Obelisk" is an obelisk structure.

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It is built to the rear of Castletown House which contains two follies, both commissioned by the widow of Speaker William Conolly to provide employment for the poor of Celbridge at a time when famine was rife. As such these monuments serve no real purpose, instead they were dedicated to battles in the 16th century.

The Obelisk was built in after a particularly severe winter. Designed by Richard Castle , it is 42 metres high and is composed of several arches , adorned by stone pineapples and eagles. The main avenue from the town is no longer accessible by vehicular traffic, which must enter the grounds from the roundabout off the M4. Celbridge Abbey was the childhood — and later adult — home of Bartholomew Van Homrigh 's daughter Esther — , the ill-starred lover of Dean Swift. The poem in which Swift fictionalised her as " Vanessa " "Cadenus and Vanessa" was written seven years before he visited her in Celbridge in A rock bower associated with the lovers is a 19th-century recreation.

A later occupant was Gerald Dease , a Catholic nobleman who entertained the Empress of Austria during her visit to Ireland. He is buried in a prominent position on front of the local Catholic church, the construction of which he helped to fund. The rock bridge in Celbridge Abbey grounds is now the oldest stone bridge across the Liffey since the removal of John Le Decer 's bridge three miles downriver at Salmon Leap.

Oakley Park, the current St. The house was built close to the small stone house of his father vicar of Kildrought and Straffan Samuel Price. In it was sold by Philip Guiney the Irish Christian Brothers for use as an industrial school [40] but sold instead to the St John of God Brothers and opened as St Raphael's Hospital, a home for intellectually disabled boys in At the time of Lady Louisa's death it had pupils, and served as a boarding school for Protestant girls until Setanta Hotel closed down in but has since been refurbished and has reopened as the four-star Celbridge Manor Hotel.

It was founded c by one of Strongbow 's companions for Adam de Hereford. Before the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries it had extensive lands in Kildare and Dublin with buildings covering an estimated 20 acres. St Wolstan's after the Archbishop's cousin, also John Alen, who was master of the rolls, travelled with Aylmer to England in to receive the bill for suppression of the Irish monasteries. The house remained with the Alen family for two subsequent centuries. St Wolstan's was then home to later Bishops of Clogher Robert Clayton and Limerick , a summer resident of the Viceroy in the s, a boys' school sold , home to the Cane family for another century and eventually a girls' secondary school — run by the Holy Faith sisters.

When a new school building was built on the Clane Road in , opening on 8 October, the name St. Wolstan's was reused for this. Other large houses outside the town [44] include Killadoon a three-storey block with a single storey wing built c. Significantly, it does not appear to have been designed by Clements himself.

It is associated with the Andrews, Sherlock, Colgan and Meade families. Pickering Forest is a three-storey Georgian house associated with the Brooke Barons Somerton and later Ogilby families.

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The parsonage, known as Robert Scott's house rebuilt , locally known as the "Shelbourne" fell into ruin and became the site of St Patrick's Park housing estate. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The park originally included the demesne of Kilmainham Priory south of the River Liffey. When the building of the Royal Hospital at Kilmainham commenced in for the use of veterans of the Royal Irish Army , the park was reduced to its present size, all of which is now north of the river.

It was opened to the people of Dublin by the Earl of Chesterfield in In the nineteenth century, the expanse of the Park had become neglected.

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With management being taken over by the Commissioners of Woods and Forests, the renowned English Landscape architect , Decimus Burton , was retained to design an overall plan for the public areas of the park. The execution of the plan which included new paths, gate-lodges, levelling and tree planting and relocating the Phoenix Column, took almost 20 years to complete. See especially the architecturally significant, "Chapelized" Gate Lodge. In , it was the location of the Phoenix Park Murders.

A small insurgent group called the Irish National Invincibles were responsible. During the Emergency thousands of tons of turf were transported from the bogs to Dublin and stored in high mounds along the main road on the park. The park is split between three civil parishes: Castleknock to the north-west, Chapelizod to the south and St James' to the north. The last-named is mainly centred south of the River Liffey around St James' parish church.

The park has its own piece of legislation the Phoenix Park Act, which includes giving powers to park rangers to remove and arrest of offenders who disobey its bye-laws, which include "No person shall act contrary to public morality in the park". Dublin Zoo is one of Dublin's main attractions. It houses more than animals and tropical birds from around the world and was founded in [16] and opened to the public on 1 September , with animals from the London Society , making it the third oldest zoo in the world.

Within a year the zoo housed species. The congregation numbered over one million, equal to Dublin's population. It was installed with some difficulty: after several attempts, the cross was eventually erected just a fortnight before the Pope arrived. Pope Francis celebrated mass here on the final day of his visit to Ireland. It is the largest obelisk in Europe and would have been even higher if the publicly subscribed funding had not run out.

Designed by Robert Smirke , there are four bronze plaques cast from cannon captured at the Battle of Waterloo —three of which have pictorial representations of Wellington's career while the fourth has an inscription at the base of the obelisk. The Deerfield Residence previously the Chief Secretary's Lodge , originally built in was the former residence of the Chief Secretary for Ireland and before that was the Park Bailiff's lodge.

It has been the official residence of the United States Ambassador to Ireland since February , and was until the early s the Embassy of the United States in Dublin.

The oldest building in the park is Ashtown Castle , a restored medieval tower house dating from the 15th century. Restoration began in and it is located beside the visitor centre which houses interpretive displays on the 5, years of park and area history. The gardens, located close to the Parkgate Street entrance, comprise an area of 9 hectares 22 acres , and were re-opened in These gardens were initially established in as the Promenade Grounds.

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They display Victorian horticulture, including ornamental lakes, children's playground, picnic area and bedding schemes. There is a plaque in honour of the Irish sculptor Jerome Connor on Infirmary Road, overlooking the gardens which he frequently visited. The opening hours are 8. Closing times vary during the year.