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According to Robert of Torigni , Henry discussed plans to invade Ireland and grant it to his brother William FitzEmpress as a provision.

The Anglo-Norman clergy strongly backed the proposal, however, the plans came to nothing, allegedly due to opposition from his mother, the Empress Matilda. For six months in the fleet of Dublin, which was under the control of Dermot MacMurrough, was used to aid Henry II's forces in an abortive campaign in north Wales.

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Some of the initiative for political and military intervention came from Anglo-Norman church leaders — especially Theobald , Archbishop of Canterbury — who wanted to control the Irish church and fully implement the Gregorian Reforms. However, implementing the reforms was slow and difficult. It "would demand the abandonment of features of Gaelic society going back to pre-Christian times and of practises which had been accepted for centuries by the church in Ireland. This did not go down well with the Anglo-Norman clergy.

This hagiography, written within a year of Malachy's death in , depicted in overly exaggerated terms the Irish as barbaric, semi-pagan and in need of reform, resulting in this becoming the predominant opinion in Europe. Martin writes that Ireland was "barbaric" in Bernard's eyes because it "had retained its own culture and had remained outside the Latin secular world".

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This depiction of Ireland and the Irish people became established throughout Europe. Diarmait fled Ireland and sought help from Henry II in regaining his kingship. Henry gave Diarmait permission to recruit forces and authorised his subjects to help Diarmait, in return for Diarmait swearing loyalty to Henry. Among other benefits, a loyal Diarmait restored to power would allow the fleet of Dublin to be used in Anglo-Norman campaigns against the Welsh and Scots.

He promised Robert and Maurice the town of Wexford and two neighbouring cantreds. Under Irish law, Diarmait had no right to do this. He smoothly resumed power as chief and awaited the arrival of his allies. On 1 May , Robert FitzStephen and Maurice de Prendergast landed at Bannow Bay, on the south coast of County Wexford, with a force of at least 40 knights, 60 men-at-arms and archers.

They set about conquering Leinster and the territories Diarmait had claimed sovereignty over. First they besieged the Norse-Irish seaport of Wexford , which surrendered after two days. They then raided and plundered the territories of north Leinster, which had refused to submit to Diarmait. However, Donnchad withdrew his forces to safety. Prendergast then announced he was withdrawing from Ireland with his men, but Diarmait would not let them set sail from Wexford. In response, Prendergast offered his men as mercenaries to Donnchad of Ossory, which Donnchad accepted.

However, Prendergast refused to fight his former companions, and he soon left Ireland with his men. The army included contingents from Connacht , Breffny, Meath , and Dublin, each led by their respective kings. In a show of strength, Maurice and Diarmait marched an army north and laid waste to the hinterland of Dublin. By , Strongbow appears to have been funded financially for his invasion by a Jewish merchant by the name of Josce of Gloucester : "Josce, Jew of Gloucester, owes shillings for an amerciament for the moneys which he lent to those who against the king's prohibition went over to Ireland.

This was the advance guard for Strongbow's army and was to be the springboard for an assault on Waterford.

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The outnumbered Anglo-Normans drove a large herd of cattle into the opposing army. These captives were then executed: the Normans broke their limbs before beheading them and throwing their bodies off the cliff. On 23 August, Strongbow landed at Passage with at least knights and 1, soldiers. The walls were eventually breached and there followed fierce fighting in the streets, in which defenders were killed. The Normans and Diarmait held a council of war at Waterford and agreed to take Dublin. On 21 September, while talks were ongoing, a force of Normans—led by Miles de Cogan and Raymond FitzGerald—stormed the town and took it.

Ascall and his followers fled in their ships but vowed to re-take the town. Diarmait returned to Ferns and died there suddenly in May However, Strongbow would not have been deemed Diarmait's heir under Irish or English law. Diarmait had two wives, as well as sons and other daughters.

Shortly after Diarmait's death, the Anglo-Normans came under attack, both from within Leinster and from outside. Led by Ascall, they tried to re-take the town, but were repulsed by de Cogan's forces. Ascall was captured and publicly executed. The remaining garrison in Wexford was then attacked and forced out of the town. The Normans fled to a military encampment at nearby Carrick, where they were besieged. There were several skirmishes, but the Irish army apparently sought to starve the city into surrender. With Dublin and Carrick under siege, Strongbow and his council agreed to negotiate.

The Normans killed hundreds of soldiers, many of whom were resting or bathing, and seized supplies. When they learned that Strongbow was on his way, they burnt Wexford and withdrew to a nearby island with FitzStephen as a hostage.

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King Henry apparently feared that Strongbow would set up an independent kingdom in Ireland, which could control the Irish Sea and interfere in English affairs. Strongbow reminded Henry that he had gone to Ireland with Henry's permission, to restore Diarmait to the kingship, and that whatever he had gained in Ireland was "by the grace and favour of Henry, and was at his disposal". By September , Henry had decided to lead a military expedition to Ireland, and summoned Strongbow to meet him at Pembroke while the army was assembling.

On 17 October , King Henry landed at Waterford with a large army of at least mounted knights and 4, men-at-arms and archers. Several siege towers were also shipped over, should he need to assault the Norman-held towns, or others such as Cork and Limerick. Henry led his army to Lismore , the site of an important monastery, and chose the site for a castle. He then moved on to Cashel , which he had in mind as the venue for a church council.

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Henry then led his army to Dublin. The Norman lords affirmed their loyalty to Henry and handed over the territory they had conquered to him. The Irish church hierarchy also submitted to Henry, believing his intervention would bring greater political stability. This may have been due to their realisation that the Gregorian Reforms were not compatible with Gaelic society.

Henry granted Meath to Hugh de Lacy , meaning that Henry would let de Lacy hold it if he could conquer it. Many of the Norse-Irish inhabitants were forced to re-settle outside the walls, at what became Oxmantown. Henry left Ireland on 17 April , setting sail from Wexford. All Professionals Specialty Contractors.

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