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Date of Death. Date of Burial Verdon Houses, Sunnybank, Little Bray. 11th Oct 27 Melvin Road, Terenure, Dublin 6. 21st Sept Boghall Cottages, Ireland.
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Is the Probation Dept. If so, I thought it was the English Dept. The Probation Dept. It used to be the County Welfare Dept. The English Dept.

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Also, does anyone remember the Lame Duck or is that the same as the English Dept. My family moved to SB in Pancho Villa was a favorite. Casa De Sevilla was also a favorite. Came upon your column, I worked for United at the airport, about Enjoyed dinners or few cold ones at the Flight Line, Owner Art??

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Here are a few more to bring back some memories…. Oh how I miss The Crabby Lobster! The chowder was superb indeed. Thanks for jogging my memory.

What was the name of the steak house tucked back in on that little street beside 5 Points Shopping Center and the Animal Hospital? It was on the ground floor of an office building. It was named after son of the original owners of the Silver Spur after he won a liquor license in the lottery.

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I lived in SB from til and remember most of these places. I miss the fresh cut butter top bread from Irene Davis Bakery. Another great deal was at the Snack Shacks 5 burgers for a dollar on Milpas, lower, and upper State street. There might have been more, but these were the ones my parents took me to. The one on Milpas was across the street from Milpas Raceway slot car days. Wow, a lot of great memories here. My first job was at The Hibachi on Milpas. Tastes change though so only God knows if they were as good as I thought! We loved the Philly House that burned down! Everything on menu was good.

Another place I remember was Feed Store with that big salad bowl they would bring you. The salad had sunflower seeds in it…really good. I used to get a sandwich on whole grain bread that I remember it as having layers of cream cheese, guac, black olives, sprouts and shredded carrots.


Anyone remember the name of this restaurant? Carnation Diner, they had the best fries and milkshakes. I still remember watching it being torn down in the early 90s as a student at Peabody. Sad day, would make a killing today rather than having El Pollo Loco and a verizon store. What a party. Every night. Craig Bigelow owned the place with a couple of other investors. Paid the blues band Bobby Franklin? Loggins and Messina used to dine there regularly though not together. Partied with Bonnie Raitt and band post Arlington concert.

Chill Wills, Steve Martin ate there. Weekend influx of LA actors.

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Non-stop fun and getting paid for it. Those were the days. Not a favorite, but an ancient: Loops on upper State. I do remember we hurried out one night when there was threat of a fight involving chains. And upper State St. More on topic: The Mandalay! Across parking lot driveway from Olio pizzeria; next to Vic Theater.

I used to sing French and Italian art songs at the Mandalay. Bruce, the owner and his wife were so wonderful! Always afternoon tea and scones and wonderful curries. So relaxed and civilized… It was like living in a bubble! Can anyone tell me if this chain of Habits that is opening up all over has anything to do with the one in IV. Was the original in IV or Goleta and was it a different owner?

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They used the name, but maybe not affiliated with the parent company? Maybe an independent franchise? Does anyone have any photos of the ceiling and the drawings at the old Rocky Galentis. Would like to see if mine was still there after many years. Pancho Villa was me and my best friends to go place on a Sat. After about a dozen times or so , we were finally banned. There were always freebees across the way at 31 Flavors! What about Pascuals on Victoria…. Best pork chops in the world; best Sunday brunch then read and snooze.

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Waitress Suzie is at Breakwater, right? Feb ,18 yrs. Fell in love with SB. Haley and took me to see the nude beach in Summerland great ; after a few visits, I finally mustered the nerve to walk the tracks and down over the steep bank to try it out. I had just sparked a memory and googled the Blue Bird and read up on the 50 years of Peter Feldmann and realized I was there right in the mist of those five grand years.

Went back to Shepherd, got a math degree and have taught high school math for the past 30 plus years. Great memories……. The best margaritas were definitely at Espana.